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From Warehouses to Laboratories:

Where Cleanliness Meets Precision

At The Deep Cleaning Company, we are the experts in delivering top-tier commercial and industrial cleaning services, partnering with a diverse clientele that includes local enterprises and notable global leaders in sectors like Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Distribution. Our breadth of knowledge guarantees a premium service, matched with competitive pricing.
Whether you need specialized cleaning for decontamination, meticulous food production sanitation, or comprehensive warehouse cleaning, our tailored solutions are designed for maximum efficiency with minimal interruption. Our teams excel at tackling even the most challenging environments, including high-level sections, confined spaces, and Atex-approved areas, ensuring precision in every task we undertake.

With a promise of trust and expertise, we provide cleaning services that are reliable, fully insured, and satisfaction guaranteed. We are ready to work outside the conventional hours, offering night and weekend operations, to seamlessly fit into your busier schedules and maintain your operation’s flow.

Our value-added services set us apart: a complimentary site survey, a robust Safe Systems of Work/Rams package, prompt proposals, diverse price options, and scrupulously managed cleaning operations. Our floors aren’t just cleaned; they are scrubbed, polished, and refurbished, restoring warehouse flooring to its original luster.

Every project is overseen by dedicated managers focusing on rigorous quality control and adherence to strict safety protocols. With our comprehensive pre and post-clean reporting, you’ll witness firsthand the dramatic transformation we bring to your space. Reinforce your cleaning strategy with us, as we skillfully handle all aspects, from racking cleaning to multi-grade laboratory sanitization, covering a full spectrum of site facilities.

Build a partnership with The Deep Cleaning Company today, where unmatched cleanliness meets systematic precision for all your specialist cleaning needs.

Warehouse & Distribution Center Cleaning Solutions

At Vantage, we deeply understand the dynamics of logistics-driven business hubs where uninterrupted workflows are essential, amidst the pressing constraints of tight deadlines and budget limitations.

With an impressive history of success, Vantage excels in executing thorough cleaning regimens for warehouses and distribution centers economically, while ensuring our clients experience no halt in their activities. Our approach is designed to blend our services flawlessly with your daily operations.

Our Comprehensive Service Package Includes:

  • Custom-Tailored Environmental Hygiene Assessments: To address the unique needs of your facility with precision and care.
  • Specialized Management On-Site: Our dedicated management team relentlessly oversees quality assurance and adherence to the highest safety protocols.
  • Collaborative Cleaning Strategy: We work side-by-side with you to encompass every facet of the cleaning protocol and contract oversight, ensuring a symbiotic partnership.
  • Versatile Cleaning Capabilities: Whether it’s high-level dusting or detailed floor care, our services extend across the entire scope of your site’s requirements.
  • Skilled Professional Team: Vantage’s commitment employs only well-trained, seasoned personnel to maintain your space’s cleanliness and safety.

Enhance your operational efficiency with Vantage – where every clean sweep supports your business goals.

High-Specification Pharmaceutical Cleaning by Vantage Industrial: A Trusted Solution

Leading pharmaceutical corporations globally rely on Vantage Industrial Cleaning for their commitment to delivering high-quality maintenance cleans in critical environments. Our portfolio includes servicing areas dedicated to drug manufacturing, various storage and refrigeration zones, packaging lines, and cutting-edge research and development labs.

Our approach is built upon a bespoke Environmental Hygiene Survey tailored specifically to each site, alongside a comprehensive Safe Systems of Work package—ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

Vantage stands out in the field of industrial cleaning with our capability to perform extensive cleaning tasks at all levels within a facility, encompassing the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical company needs.

We collaborate closely with our clients to deliver a package that’s both versatile and swift, without sacrificing the cost-effectiveness of our solutions. Our commitment is backed by a team comprised exclusively of qualified professionals with significant experience in the sector.

Every project is overseen by dedicated on-site managers. These individuals are integral to our quality assurance process, continually overseeing quality control and adherence to strict safety protocols. They take full ownership of the cleaning operations and contract management, ensuring seamless execution.

At Vantage Industrial Cleaning, we take pride in our ability to contribute to the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Choose us for pharmaceutical cleaning that meets the high-specification maintenance requirements vital to your success.

    Food Production

    Kitchen extraction and venting systems Vantage is specialist for solving hygiene problems and can comprehensively deep clean any food production environment. Having worked for some of the UK’S biggest food manufacturers and suppliers, we have the experience to tackle all types of environments, equipment, structures and fabrics, while our dedicated on site Managers are specialist-trained to the highest standards.


    • Pre-audit cleans

    • High Level

    • Production Lines

    • Food Plant Equipment

    • Silos and other storage facilities

    • Kitchen Deep Cleans

    • Ventilation and AC systems

    • Decontamination/disinfection

    • Food standards agency requirements

    • Certificate of cleanliness issued

    Expert Decontamination Services for a Safer Environment

    In the face of contamination, time is of the essence. Prompt and precise decontamination services are often vital to ensure the continuity of operations. Addressing the risks of disease and infection proactively and proficiently is our specialty. If imminent threats loom, we urge you to contact us immediately.

    Our range of decontamination solutions include:

    • A FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Professional Hygiene Survey that assesses your specific needs.
    • Robust protection against sewage-related diseases, including leptospirosis, gastroenteritis, and hepatitis.
    • Proven experience in managing pathogens such as MRSA, C.difficile, Listeria, among others.
    • Thorough treatment and safe disposal of hazardous biological matter, such as blood and excreta.
    • Deployment of leading-edge cleaning methods and products scrutinized through independent microbiological testing.
    • Comprehensive infection control management that culminates in issuing a clean bill of health certification, solidifying our commitment to your safety.

    For immediate assistance in battling infectious diseases and ensuring your environment is clean, safe, and compliant, rely on our Expert Decontamination Services. Don’t wait—your safety and well-being are paramount. Contact us now.

      Revitalize Your Workspace with Our Air Quality Services

      Revitalize your workspace with comprehensive Ventilation System Cleaning and the implementation of our Air Hygiene Programme. Dust, alongside microbial growth such as fungi and bacteria, gradually accumulates within air systems, compromising the workplace’s air quality.

      Our specialized Air Hygiene Programme markedly elevates your ventilation system’s environmental performance, ensuring the air you inhale is pure and clean.

      Key components of our service include:

      • Detailed Air Hygiene Risk Assessments to identify potential issues.
      • Optional microbiological swab tests analyzed by accredited labs to pinpoint contaminants.
      • Complete ventilation ductwork cleaning to remove built-up pollutants.
      • Disinfection processes utilizing clinically approved products for maximum safety.
      • Routine monitoring and preservation cleaning, targeting both ducts and Air Handling Units (AHUs).
      • Compliance with Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) fire regulations and TR/19 HVCA standards for a safer work environment.

      By integrating these crucial services, our Ventilation System Cleaning solutions and Air Hygiene Programme promise an unmatched enhancement of your environment’s performance and safety.

      Manufacturing Cleaning

      Vantage Industrial Cleaning provides an unparalleled level of service across the UK, ensuring that companies meet their health and safety obligations seamlessly while striving to keep operations running smoothly at all times.

      • In-depth Environmental Hygiene Assessments combined with secure Work Safety Protocols.
      • Dedicated managerial staff on-site to oversee stringent quality assurance and adherence to safety measures.
      • Full accountability for comprehensive cleaning operations and meticulous contract oversight.
      • Expert high-level and low-level cleaning throughout an array of site facilities, encompassing production lines, machinery, and HVAC systems.
      • Employing only seasoned professionals with proven expertise.
      • Our commitment is to deliver tailored flexibility, adaptability, prompt service, and economical solutions for every project.

      With Vantage Industrial Cleaning, prioritize the integrity of your manufacturing environment with our expert health and safety-focused cleaning solutions.

        Home Cleaning for Care Facilities

        At the heart of a thriving care home is the health and safety of its residents, which starts with impeccable cleanliness. We provide Deep Cleaning Services specifically tailored for care homes, ensuring you can devote your energy to providing unparalleled care.

        From Infection Purging to tackling spills and damage caused by fire or water, our expert team addresses a myriad of challenges swiftly and efficiently. We’re not just cleaning; we’re enhancing the well-being of your environment, helping to prevent contamination and infection in spaces where it matters most.

        Our thorough cleaning solutions cover:

        • Infection Purging: Removing harmful pathogens to maintain a safe and sterile environment for both residents and staff.
        • Decontamination: Using industry-leading techniques to ensure areas are free of contaminants and hazards.
        • Spillage Clean Up: Responding promptly to any kind of spills with minimal disruption to your operations.
        • Fire and Water Cleanup: Restoring safety and cleanliness after accidents with our specialized services.
        • Audit Compliance: Helping your care home meet health and safety standards in readiness for inspections.
        • Certification of Cleanliness: Providing assurance with certified evidence of your facility’s hygiene practices.
        • Insurance Compliance: Ensuring your procedures align with insurance policy requirements.

        Through our Care Home Cleaning services, we strive to lessen the administrative and operational burdens that come with managing a care facility, allowing you to focus on providing a high level of care. Trust in our expertise to create a pristine environment that promotes health, safety, and comfort.

          Safeguard Your Healthcare Facility: Proven Infection Control and Deep Cleaning Services

          Vantage Industrial Cleaning specializes in custom-tailored deep cleaning programs for healthcare settings. Our team excels in deploying these critical support services while ensuring there is negligible interference with your hospital’s daily activities. We’re committed to providing a secure environment and imparting serenity to medical personnel, patients, and visitors.

          • Complimentary Confidential Hygiene Evaluation: We offer a no-cost, private assessment of your healthcare facility’s sanitation needs.
          • Robust Defense Against Pathogens: Our protection measures are effective against MRSA, C. difficile, and a gamut of other healthcare-associated infections.
          • All-Encompassing Hygiene Strategies: We devise extensive hygiene plans focused on the eradication of infections, especially in active patient care zones.
          • Tailored Project Oversight: Our dedicated project management ensures that every detail of the cleaning program is meticulously planned and executed.
          • Top-notch Cleaning Techniques and Products: Rely on us for the most trusted and efficient cleaning solutions, which are crucial in maintaining impeccable healthcare facility hygiene.

          Improve infection control and ensure the highest level of hospital deep cleaning with Vantage Industrial Cleaning—where health safety meets clinical cleanliness.

            Leisure & Retail Hygiene Solutions

            Vantage Industrial Cleaning offers a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services across the UK, ensuring that your commitment to environment and health safety standards is our top priority. We create a secure, sanitary, and welcoming environment for all workplaces.

            • Tailored Environmental Hygiene Assessments and Safe Operational Practices tailored to each site.
            • Dedicated Project Managers stationed on-site to oversee quality and safety measures perpetually.
            • Full management and operation of all cleaning activities and contractual responsibilities.
            • Expertise in both elevated and ground-level cleaning encompassing the entire range of facility areas.
            • Employing only seasoned professionals with qualifications specific to the industry.

              Optimize the cleanliness of your leisure or retail environments with our specialized industrial cleaning services, designed to elevate workplace standards of hygiene and safety.

              Office Cleaning Services for a Safer, Cleaner Workplace

              At Vantage Industrial Cleaning, we are dedicated to ensuring offices and corporate spaces across the UK meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Our expert services not only align with environmental and health regulations but also contribute to creating a secure, sanitary, and enjoyable work environment for everyone.

              • Comprehensive Environmental Hygiene Solutions: Benefit from our tailored Environmental Hygiene Surveys and Safe Systems of Work packages, designed specifically for your workspace.
              • On-Site Project Management: Our commitment to excellence is mirrored by the presence of dedicated Project Managers on-site, overseeing quality and adherence to safety protocols for industrial and office cleaning tasks.
              • Full-Scale Cleaning Responsibility: We take full ownership of our cleaning operations, ensuring meticulous execution and diligent contract management.
              • Versatile Cleaning Capabilities: Our team is equipped to manage both high and low-level cleaning challenges, ensuring every inch of your facility is addressed—from floor to ceiling.
              • Certified Professional Team: We pride ourselves on employing highly skilled staff, all of whom are qualified and directly hired, reinforcing our promise of reliable and thorough industrial cleaning services.

              Elevate the standard of your office cleanliness with Vantage Industrial Cleaning. Discover how our specialized services can transform your workplace. Contact us today for unparalleled office and industrial cleaning solutions.

                Specialized Education Facility Cleaners

                Vantage Industrial Cleaning stands at the forefront of school cleaning services, offering bespoke and budget-friendly solutions to educational facilities throughout the UK. Recognizing the unique requirements of each learning environment, we not only promise a pristine setting for your students and staff but also cater specifically to the distinctive needs of your establishment.

                By incorporating key search terms such as school cleaning, education facility cleaning, and professional school cleaners into our digital strategy, we optimize our online presence to ensure that educational institutions seeking top-notch cleaning services can easily discover our offerings.

                Our Management Services include:

                • Comprehensive training and induction of cleaning staff for superior performance
                • Robust Health and Safety protocols for safe cleaning practices
                • Efficient supply and storage systems for all cleaning materials
                • Detailed Quality Control Analysis with prompt Rectification measures
                • Thorough supervision of our professional cleaning team
                • Reliable cover for holidays and absences due to sickness

                Our Implementation Services provide:

                • Rigorous Quality Control checks with immediate corrective actions
                • Intensive Holiday Deep Cleaning sessions for a refreshed learning space
                • Expert Window and Carpet Cleaning to enhance your facility’s appearance
                • Swift Emergency Cleaning response for unforeseen situations
                • Dedicated Graffiti Removal to maintain an inviting educational atmosphere
                • Persistent Litter Picking for consistently tidy premises
                • Comprehensive School Maintenance and Facilities Management to ensure smooth operations

                At Vantage Industrial Cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering a conducive learning environment through our professional school cleaners who are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and orderliness in your education facility. Contact us now to tailor a school cleaning strategy that aligns with the aspirations of your institution.


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                  Recent Client Testimonials

                  Hi Craig

                  I recently had a catch-up with the team regarding the last deep clean, and I wanted to take a moment to commend your team on the significant improvements made since last year’s efforts. It’s evident that your team has put in considerable effort, and we appreciate the results.

                  Food Company March 2024

                  Hi Lawrence,

                  Yes, all went to plan and the guys went above and beyond what was required! It was very nice to see it cleaned up and almost shining!!!
                  Thanks again to your team, very good work done!

                  Regards, Anthony R


                  Thank you for the report and the professionalism of your company when undertaking the clean.
                  We will definitely be touch in the near future for use of your services

                  Kind Regards, Nicola Heyes

                  Hi Deanna

                  I must stat by saying it was a pleasure to have Vantage in our factory to clean our plant.
                  On the first weekend we had 6 of your staff in and on the second 8. Usually with so many contractors I have lots of different problems. I must say I didn’t have one problem with any of the Vantage staff. They came to do a deep clean, and that’s what they did. All very polite and hard working. We will be using you again.
                  I am now just waiting for a quote to clean the ducting in our canteen. If you could chase this up I would be very grateful.

                  Matthew Mead

                  Hi all,

                  Thank you for your service last week, our machines now look brand new due to the level of cleaning that was completed 🙂


                  Hi Deanna

                  Apologies I haven’t been in touch sooner but due to compassionate and annual leave for Friday and Monday today is my first day back in the office.
                  I would just like to thank you and the team who attended Upton Grange to carry out the Deep Clean, they were very professional in their manner towards both myself, staff, and the residents, I was unsure how the team would progress with residents being in their rooms an in the lounge, but their approach and smooth running of the clean was amazing. Jordan ran his team professionally, always communicating as to what was happening next. What I thought was going to be a stressful day was totally the opposite, I honestly can’t praise or thank them enough.
                  One final thing, do you have any paperwork you can send across following the clean,as there doesn’t appear to have been anything left and I will need to send this across to Cheshire East so we can claim the payment.

                  Kind regards, C Sherwin

                  Call us on today on 0333 7727451, 01883 340 798 or 07926 199783

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